What Is a Truck Bedliner?

A bedliner is a protective layer applied to the truck bed. They are effective in protecting the truck’s bed from impact and abbrasive damage. There are two types: spray-on and in-bed. These products are available in various colors, designs, and materials. To get started, decide whether you want to invest in a truck bedliner. Read on to learn more about this product. A truck’s cargo area is not the only area that can benefit from this product.


Spray-on bedliners come in a variety of colors and formulations. Spray-in bedliners are more expensive, but they are easier to apply. The polyurethane mixture used in these products dries quickly and evenly. Unlike drop-in bedliners, spray-in bedliners can be easily damaged by water, rust, and other debris. However, spray-on bedliners are more difficult to damage than drop-in liners.

The drop-in bedliner can also become loose or broken. It can also snag items and pull a section up. While it may be possible to replace a ripped bedliner, it is best to avoid this option altogether. Because drop-in bedliners are harder to install, they can loosen or tear with time. A drop-in liner is much easier to install, but the adhesive is less precise.

There are two types of bedliners. High-pressure spray-in ones are more durable than low-pressure versions. They are also easier to apply than roller-on bedliners. Both types are incredibly durable, and you’ll need a high-quality air compressor to apply the coating. When choosing a spray-on bedliner, make sure to choose a spray-on brand with a good warranty. If you’re going to use a truck liner on a regular basis, make sure you check the sizing.

A spray-on bedliner kit is a good option for those who don’t have the time to apply the product. Its urethane-based formula offers excellent protection against rust and damage. And with a spray-on bedliner, it’s easy to apply the liner. The only difference is the thickness of the liner. A thin layer of the product may not be able to penetrate the truck bed and will cause it to peel and crack.

A spray-in bedliner is another type of bedliner. It is applied with a high-pressure machine or a low-pressure roller. The spray-in bedliner is best for vehicles that don’t have a removable interior. Unlike a drop-in, spray-in bedliners are permanent and won’t peel or flake. The surface preparation is the most important step in applying a bedliner.

Before applying a bedliner, you should first decide which type is most appropriate for your truck. Some are easy to apply and can be installed by a DIYer. Others can be installed by professionals. If you’re not confident, you can always ask for help. You can also consult a technician or buy a kit from a store. In some cases, you can even use a spray gun to apply the bedliner.