Types of Truck Bedliners

A bedliner is a protective cover for the truck bed. These can be either sprayed on or applied in the truck. There are two broad categories of bedliner: spray on/in and in-bed. Both types of bedliners protect the bed from impact and abbrasive damage. A good bedliner should last for several years, preventing any rust or scratching from the road. Aside from protecting the truck’s bed, a good liner also looks great.


Spray-on bedliners are most commonly used and can be applied with a roller or spray gun. This process is more expensive than applying the material by hand, but it is much easier and faster. It is also more durable than a traditional vinyl or fabric liner. The application process is quick and easy with proper preparation. During the installation process, a professional should apply the bedliner, and a respirator should be worn.

Roll-on bedliners are much more expensive than spray-on bedliners, but you can apply them yourself at home. The difference is in the application process. A spray-on liner can be applied in 15 minutes, while a roll-on liner needs more time to dry. If you can’t get professional help, you can do it yourself in your garage. Despite their differences, both types of bedliners have many advantages, and will make your truck look better than ever.

Water-based bedliners are best for low-cost bedliners. However, they aren’t permanent, and need to be sanded down before installation. They will leave a dull finish, and may even peel or chip. A quality water-based bedliner will last many years. Moreover, it doesn’t require any primer, which means that it won’t fade or peel. If you’re planning to buy a bedliner for your truck, you’ll want to find an installer who has experience in the process.

Another advantage of spray-on bedliners is that they are much easier to clean than drop-in bedliners. You can hose them down and wait for them to dry completely before you use them again. Then, you’ll be able to use them as often as you want. You’ll also be able to clean them when needed. A quality spray-on bed liner will resist warping and cracking. So, when it comes to choosing a liner for your truck, you need to consider its maintenance.

There are two types of spray-in bedliners. They are usually rigid and require drilling in key areas. They are the most common type of bedliner. The spray-in type is the best choice for most people, though. The cost of the product is determined by the manufacturer. The spray-on bedliner will last for many years and will not fade. It will also protect your truck’s floor and will prevent scratches. A good bedliner should last for several years.