Types of Truck Bedliners

A truck bedliner is a protective coating applied to a truck’s cargo area or bed. It is a good choice for protection against impact. The type of bedliner that you choose depends on the purpose of the liner. Some of them can be sprayed-on and some can be applied directly to the bed. The type of truck bedliner that you choose will protect the truck’s cargo area from abrasive damage.


There are two types of bedliner: aliphatic and aromatic. The former are typically less expensive but they are suited for darker colors. The spray-on bedliners can be applied with high-pressure or low-pressure. A quality installation is an essential component of any truck bedliner and should not be overlooked. Remember that installation is 90 percent of the process. It’s also vital to find a company that offers free or low-cost estimates.

One type of bedliner is spray-on. It requires proper preparation before application. This type is applied with a low-pressure air compressor. It takes a couple of days to cure. You can use a brush or roller to apply it. Choosing a spray-on bedliner is an excellent choice if you want a durable, protective coating. You’ll want a matte finish over a glossy one.

Spray-on bedliners are a great option for protection of your truck bed. They are easy to apply and don’t take long to dry. You can apply a heavy-duty version of a spray-on bedliner within the truck in a day or less, depending on the type of bedliner you’re using. In addition to lining your truck bed, the liner will prevent scratches and rust from forming.

Another option for a bedliner is a low-pressure bedliner. This type is applied at lower pressure and temperatures. Its surface will be rougher and will last a longer time. A low-pressure bedliner will not last as long as a high-pressure bedliner. You can save money by comparing the prices of low-pressure and high-pressure bedliners. However, you’ll need to make sure to measure the thickness before you buy it.

There are two basic types of bedliners: spray-in bedliners and drop-in bedliners. The former will last for years while the latter will be more easily removed and replaced. They’ll absorb vibration and keep your truck’s cargo compartment clean. Lastly, a spray-on-bedliner will protect your truck’s cargo area from dents and dings and will prevent rust and corroding.

There are many advantages to a spray-on bedliner. It will protect your truck’s cargo area from UV radiation and heat. The 6000 FNTS model is a hybrid between the two, and provides a complete solution for aluminum and steel truck beds. You can choose from a wide range of different colors and styles. You can even choose to apply a spray-in bedliner yourself if you are not comfortable applying it yourself.