Types of Truck Bedliners

Truck bedliners are an important part of any truck. They protect the bed from impact and abbrasive damage. There are two basic types: spray-on/in and in-bed. In-bed bedliners are more expensive than spray-on bedliners, but they can protect the bed from a wide range of risks. This article will discuss both types of bedliners, and how each can benefit your truck. It will also discuss the pros and cons of each.


A good spray-on bedliner is one that will adhere to the bed without shifting, and will prevent rust damage and fading. This type of liner is permanent and will not need to be replaced after several years of use. These coatings also block out moisture and dirt, making them a great choice for trucks that are exposed to heavy use. This type of liner also doesn’t need to be reapplied frequently and is easy to apply.

If you are looking for a permanent solution, spray-on bedliners are an option. These sprayed-on bedliners adhere to the truck’s bed, and the textured finish makes them difficult to slide around. While they are more expensive than drop-on bedliners, they are a great way to protect your truck’s bed. The downside is that these materials don’t come off, so it’s best to prepare the surface properly.

A spray-on bedliner is another option that can protect your bed from scrapes and damages. The material comes in a variety of textures and colors, and it doesn’t take long for it to dry. It does take a few hours to dry, but a heavier-duty version of a bedliner will require a 24-hour dry time. A high-quality spray-on bedliner will protect your truck from chips and peels.

There are several advantages to spray-in bedliners. First, they are less expensive than spray-on bedliners. The difference between the two lies in their durability. The former is more resistant to water, while the latter is more likely to be damaged by mud. The latter is generally less expensive. However, a proper installation is essential. This is a critical part of any bedliner project, and should be carried out by a professional installer.

The ArmorThane spray-on bedliner comes with painter’s tape, sandpaper, and a spray gun. In addition, it comes with four one-liter bottles of bedliner and hardener, which is a great tool to have when loading large objects into the bed. If you’re looking for a high-quality spray-on mattress, you’ll want to choose a polyurethane spray-on bedliner.

Drop-in bedliners are an easier alternative. They can be installed with a minimum of preparation. These bedliners can be a cheaper option. Unlike spray-in bedliners, they do not need any special tools. Most drop-in bedliners come in different colors. In addition to being inexpensive, they are more durable than drop-in bedliners. This is because they are more durable. A good bedliner can last for years and can protect the truck bed from a variety of impacts.