Truck Bedliner Alternatives to Protect Your Truck

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Truck Bedliner Alternatives to Protect Your Truck

A simple drop in truck bed liner, easily removed by a trained technician, is a popular product which protects truck beds from damage. DualLiner bed liner or just Bedliner are two products which protect the interior of a pickup bed from harm and can create a virtually skid-free surface, allowing more cargo to remain in place, according to circumstances. Both products offer exceptional protection for pickup beds against potential damage and will increase the life of your truck. DualLiner has been created to meet the trucking needs which are required for fleets operating with several different types of trailers. The company has spent extensive time researching the best available materials and components, along with developing the most modern spray on bedliner systems possible. This allows for a quick and easy application which can be used on new or existing pickup trucks, providing excellent protection to both the pickup and the cargo it carries.

While many truck bedliners and wraps are made from the same components, such as high-grade rubber and plastic, these coatings have different qualities, such as tear resistance and rust resistance. The spray on bedliner and other truck bedliners are specifically formulated to withstand the toughest road and weather conditions. There are three common types of coatings; Dual-Liner, Bedliner, and Hard Coat. All three types offer the same protection and the ability to withstand the toughest conditions on the road today.

Dual-Liner is the most versatile truck bedliner available. The product is created with a clear protective coat that provides superior protection and will keep cargo dry during a rain storm or a snow storm. Its tear-resistant finish resists tearing and peeling, while providing exceptional traction and overall protection. The spray-on bed liner is easy to apply with a pre-moisture-able liquid application solution or with a hand-operated sprayer. It is an excellent choice for hauling heavy loads and is available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Hard Coat is designed to last for years, offering great protection against road salt, dirt, corrosion and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This spray on bedliner is the best option for pickup trucks that carry long cargo, as it provides superior protection for the life of the pickup truck. This type of coating has a rubberized finish and is applied with a spray on application method. The spray on bedliner dries instantly and leaves no oily residue behind. It is an excellent choice for hauling medium to long length cargo, as it provides excellent traction and protection. Hard Coat can also be used on pickup trucks that have an aluminum body; however, its effect will be lost if the pickup truck is enclosed in the vehicle during storage.

Bedliners manufactured by spray on bedliner providers are available in a wide range of finishes, including flat black, flat silver, gunmetal, and carbon black. These spray on bedliners are designed to mimic the appearance of real rubber, and manufacturers use heavy-duty adhesives and polyurethane for high-performance and long-lasting protection. These bedliners are available in both a roll-on and an adhesive-type application system, and they are easy to install with a click of a button. These spray on bedliners come in two different sprayer sizes, with an extra-padded liner for added comfort and a pre-tape fitted gasket for extra weatherproofing.

Other popular truck bedliner choices are low-finish, clear, or premium vinyl coatings. These bed liners are either low-finish, which has a low sheen that mimics spray on bedliner, or low-cost premium vinyl coatings that provide a high sheen. These premium coatings prevent rust and other damage to the metal, and they have a more defined finish than low-finish spray-on bedliners.