Truck Bed Liners

Whether you’re running a long-haul truck or a seasonal pickup, protecting your cargo with truck bedliner seems simple enough. Simply add bedliner to the bed and you’ve got yourself a sound sleep-tight vehicle. Unfortunately, the bed of even the most powerful pickup can be damaged in a very short amount of time, rendering the spray on bedliner‘s promise of a scratch-free surface useless. Here are some tips for keeping your pickup bed free of scrapes and a possible dent.

truck bedliner

Depending on the weather conditions you live in, you may decide to spray on bedliner for total protection. A DualLiner bed liner taken off. Truck bedliner or just bedliner are both very effective products which protect the interior of a pickup bed from unnecessary damage and can produce a very soft, skid-resistant surface that allows cargo to remain in place, no matter what circumstances. If you find yourself hauling certain materials in your truck, such as metal, you may want to consider spray on bedliner in order to protect your cargo from rust.

You can purchase spray on bedliner at many auto parts and retail shops. There are many different styles of bedliners to choose from, as well as colors. It’s important to read up on the different styles and the instructions for application before making a purchase. Some spray on liners work better than others when it comes to protecting cargo, especially when driving in an area with high levels of salt content. Salt affects metals, such as aluminum and copper, and causes them to rust over time. It’s a good idea to avoid spray on bedliners that contain nickel zinc copper combinations.

Another popular option when it comes to truck bedliner is to use a simple piece of cloth. If you are protecting cargo from small punctures, such as those found with unloaded trucks, this may be an option for you. The problem with using simple bedliner as protection is that they can quickly get dirty and sticky, and take on quite a bit of weight. If you are simply looking for a way to keep your cargo protected from potential damage, you may find this option to be sufficient.

If you are protecting a painted truck bed, you will have to use a different type of coating. Coating choices include clear coatings, which are available in rolls similar to carpeting, as well as various other coatings. These coatings protect against ultraviolet light damage, moisture absorption, and corrosion. Most of these coatings are applied over a fiberglass or laminate topcoat. It is best to consult with an expert, such as a professional coating company, before making any choices about truck bedliners.

Choosing between the many truck bed liners on the market is largely a matter of cost. Many inexpensive spray on liners are not nearly as effective as coatings. For heavily duty trucks, spray on bedliners may be the best choice.