Truck Bed Liners

For those who own pickup trucks, a spray on bedliner can significantly increase the looks and performance of this essential truck component. A spray on bedliner, once added inside the truck bed, can greatly improve the looks of a pickup truck. Also called bedliner or bed liner, a spray on bedliner is an adhesive layer applied to the truck bed, either by using a roll on applicator tool or a bed liner fitting. The purpose of spray on bedliner is to protect the bed from abrasion and impact damage due to weather conditions. This can be done by applying a very thick coating of coating that can extend the life of your truck’s paint and up to five times the life of a paint touch-up.

Spray on bedliners are similar to other types of paints, but they have the benefit of being ready to apply right at the truck bed. There is no waiting for the paint to dry over night or spending hours in the shop painting the truck bed. With a spray on bedliner, it is a very fast project that can be finished in a few hours with the truck running freely. Other types of paints such as roller coatings or solvent based paints take hours to dry and may still require occasional touch-ups if the coating is removed in the future. Some paints, such as latex, may even need to be painted over, again requiring the removal of the spray on bedliner before beginning the painting process.

Another benefit of spray-on bed liners is that they do not attract or harbor rust. When a metal liner is exposed to the elements, it often develops tiny scratches that make it easier for rust to form. When spray-on bedliners are applied to a pickup, the small scratches that develop are easily prevented because the spray-on bedliner is thick and nearly impenetrable. This also makes the truck bed much safer for carrying cargo since there will be little or no chance of the cargo becoming damaged by gravel or rust that develops under the load.

The spray on bedliner comes in two basic forms, a bedliner that you install on your own or one that is pre-pasted on. Either way, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Pre-painted bedliners are easy to install, but the material must be ordered and specially sized to fit the bed rails. Most people try to fit the material at the factory recommended size and find that it does not fit correctly or is even too long or short. It is best to measure the bed before purchasing the spray on bedliner or it could be too late once the material has been installed and the paint has dried. If the bed rails are already painted, the spray on bedliner will not touch them and the paint will peel off in the future.

Pre-pasted spray-on bedliners are a simple, fast and inexpensive way to improve the look of your truck bed without adding a full roll-up cover. The material can be purchased in rolls similar to carpeting and is easily rolled out and used. Unlike rolled-up plastic covers, spray-on bedliners do not need to be removed after use since they are applied with a solvent that allows the spray to adhere to the surface with very little effort. The benefit of pre-pasted spray-on truck bedliners is that it does a great job of hiding unsightly truck parts, protecting cargo space from scratches and cracks and giving the truck an overall clean and modern look. Unfortunately, pre-sprayed-on bedliners are not very durable and do not protect against hail, stones or other impacts that may occur from driving or collisions.

Customized roll-on or bedliner coatings provide the consumer with a high-quality product that offers a durable solution to truck bedliners. These coatings are designed to resist abrasion, stains and moisture. Due to their advanced technology and application methods, customized coatings offer a superior look and long-lasting performance.