Truck Bed Liner – Preparing Your Vehicle For Travel

Truck bedliner or just Bedliner is an outer cover, usually fitted or installed onto a truck bed. It is used to protect the bed from abrasion and impact. The spray in bedliner is a thick, high-density waterproof coating that is sprayed directly onto the bed of the truck. There are two wide classifications of bedliners; “drop-in” and “spray-on”. Drop-in bedliners are made of a high-quality, durable vinyl material that is designed to be installed by removing the tailgate and side skirts. Once the bedliner is on the truck, it protects the paint from scratches and abrasions for a few months.

truck bedliner

“Spray on bedliner” is the opposite of “drop-in”, where the tailgate is removed to allow the coating to be applied. The spray on bedliner comes with an applicator pad that is used to apply the coating by rolling it over the tailgate. The pad also helps give the truck a smooth, rounded appearance. An additional advantage is that spray on bedliners do not have any side seam or lip along the edge of the bed rails. Spray on bedliners also provide a smoother, more professional look to the truck.

Truck bedliners come in two types: one-way and dual-way. One-way truck bedliners are designed so that the rollers move in only one direction, which gives the pickup more rolled ends and less seams. Dual-way bed liners are designed to give trucks a complete waterproof protection against water. Although the cost of these liners is slightly more than one-way options, they also provide superior sealing and extra protection for your truck bed.

There are a number of spray on bedliner industries available. An example is American Racing Reduces, which has been proven as the most successful spray on bedliner on the market. This company’s spray technology is used in hundreds of truck repair jobs. Another company is Armoral, which offers an extensive line of bedliner products, many of which can be customized with your own graphics or company logo.

There are many other spray on bedliner manufacturers, but few of them manufacture products that use environmentally safe and environmentally friendly processes. For example, spray-on bedliners using aliphatic moisture curing low pressure techniques, rather than an aliphatic acid solution, have become popular over the past few years. Low pressure and aliphatic moisture curing technology provides several benefits to the manufacturer. First, the low pressure helps increase the life of the product, as well as help maintain the integrity of the coatings for long periods of time.

Finally, the aliphatic solution provides a much smoother, more professional appearance than low pressure solutions. Bed liner manufacturers recognize the need to provide a better product to truckers. In order to meet that need, they’re creating new, improved, spray on bed liners using their own unique spray on technology. These bed liners will not only look better, but last longer, as well, providing you with a worry free way to prepare your vehicle for long haul trips and road trips.