Truck Bed Liner Basics

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Truck Bed Liner Basics

Truck bed liners protect truck beds from scratches and dents caused by moving vehicles. A spray on bedliner is an easy, quick and economical way to protect your truck bed. A spray on bedliner applied to the truck’s interior surface. Or a DualLiner bedliner removed. Both of these products are temporary bedliners that protect the interior of your truck bed from permanent damage and can make a clean, skid-free surface allowing more cargo to remain in place, based on certain circumstances.

The process for applying truck bedliner involves preparation of the surface and spraying the liner on. Many people do this themselves, but it is much easier to hire a professional spray on bedliner distributor who can provide much better results, and ensure that the liner is applied properly. Most distributors will perform a free pickup at your home or have it delivered. Once you have it mounted, you will have to do some preparation work to prepare the bed, such as remove any existing paint to prepare the bed lining, as well as cleaning off any foam insulation and foam shingles. This prep work is extremely important, and should not be skipped.

Once the vehicle has been cleaned, any protective tape, such as plastic wrap or roof-mounted chain link, need to be removed. The vehicle should then be thoroughly cleaned of all debris and rust, including rust beneath the spray-in bedliner itself. Any exposed metal underneath the liner needs to be thoroughly cleaned as well. Using a spray-in bedliner is not enough to protect the pickup truck from rust; you also have to have a good quality metal surface that can handle the intense pressure that spray on bedliner sprays can generate.

After cleaning, any protective paint that might still be on the vehicle need to be removed. The spray-on bedliner applied as well as any protection film needs to be removed before the next step in the spray on bedliner process begins. Once spray on bedliner is applied, it must be allowed to dry thoroughly before any painting is performed. Some companies use propane or natural gas to speed up the drying process, but many use a truck exhaust fan to speed up the drying process.

As truck bed liners are intended to be used in extreme conditions, they are subject to rust, corrosion, and sun exposure. Older liners are often the most susceptible to damage from these factors. Manufacturers have spent considerable time and money in research and development for these liners to improve their durability and performance in these difficult conditions. Today’s truck bed liners are designed to resist most common outside impacts as well as heavy loads and extended driving distances. This results in longer life for the liner and an overall better appearance for truck owners.

Truck bedliners are not one size that fits all. Many companies now offer customized spray-on bed liners that can be tailored to the exact make and model of the truck. It is important to understand the spray on bedliner process and how it works so that you are able to request the proper coating sizes, colors, and even design elements. By utilizing a custom coating liner, you will create the truck bed you desire at a reasonable cost. Customizing your bed liners is the easiest way to increase the durability and value of your truck. It can also be done quickly and easily with very little additional cost.