Truck Bed Liner – A Quick Overview

There are many companies offering truck bedliner products. But do they deliver? How do you decide which truck bedliner works best for you? Bed liners are generally a vinyl film applied to the surface of a truck bed. It protects the truck’s bed from scrapes and dents due to road debris.

The benefits of a truck bedliner are numerous but there are advantages and disadvantages to each type. Drop in brand bedliners, when applied to your truck bed. A DualLiner bedliner applied to a pickup truck bed. These two types are similar in concept but there are important differences. Drop in truck bedliner are available as either a spray on bedliner, which simply means spraying the whole bed with the adhesive, or a roll on bedliner which will allow the adhesive to be rolled off for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

Most truck bedliners are spray on and come in two different versions, single layered and double layered. Single layered truck bedliners, consists of one sheet that is applied to the truck bed, and then a second layer is added to provide protection against dents and scratches. The second layer can usually be applied with the included rollers while the first layer is manually rolled onto the truck bed after it is applied. This second layer of protection provides additional coverage for your cargo space.

Polyurethane spray on truck bedliners offer an easy to apply, high quality product that provides years of rust proofing protection. The spray-on bedliner allows you to choose from a variety of colors and graphics that will enhance your vehicle’s style while providing years of protection from dents and dings. UV inhibitors, food grade elastomeric polyurethane and solvent resistant urethane protect the spray on bedliner from any type of adverse reaction from water, grease or corrosive chemicals. You can also choose from a variety of spray-on bedliner color options, including camouflage and plain colors to easily customize your bed liner.

Truck bed liners are an excellent way to protect your truck’s cargo, as well as adding custom look to your pickup truck. Be sure to properly check and fill all necessary holes and seams before you begin spraying on bedliner. You can find both online and in your local hardware store. Once your bed is spray painted, allow it to dry for the proper amount of time. Use the right equipment, such as spray paint guns, to mix and distribute the color so that it is evenly distributed along your truck’s bed.

Bed liners have been known to be quite effective at keeping dirt and mud out of the bed. They are also excellent at preventing corrosion. Because of their low cost and long shelf life, they are a popular choice for truck owners. Although truck bed liners do require maintenance, most truck owners find the cost of such upkeep to be more than worthwhile. In addition, these liners are an excellent way to improve the look of your truck.