The Low-Cost Way to Truck Bed Liner Protection

A Drop in brand truck bedliner, when added inside the truck bed. A DualLiner bedliner simply Bedliner or even Truck bedliner is an protective covering added or installed onto a truck bed. They are designed to shield the bed of your truck from impact and possible abrasion damage. Many times people compare these liners to spray on bedliner but they are not always interchangeable.

truck bedliner

Spray on truck bedliners are more durable and easier to install than drop in liners. The spray on bed liner has a protective film that protects the bed while still allowing access to the bed side rails. Because the film can be removed, it can be spray on again should you ever need it. They also offer the convenience of having an almost permanent bed liner protection. These types of truck bed liners are made from a high-grade waterproof material. This material will not allow water to penetrate and create damage to your truck bed.

Drop in truck bedliner products are made using a dual-action rubber system, similar to a spray on bed liner. The low pressure spray travels up the surface of the rubber liner and creates a slight level of abrasion resistance. When the pressure is released, the water rapidly leaves the product. While a low pressure ArmorThane bedliner will not perform as well if used in a wet or moist environment, it will perform just as well in dry climates.

The benefits of using a spray-on bedliner over a drop in liner are that it is easier to remove the product. Low pressure spray-ons only require that a tiny bit of water remain on the surface to help it adhere. After spraying the product on the cargo area, simply wait a few minutes and then vacuum away the excess water. Spray-ons also provide the benefit of being able to be removed with little fuss. A spray-on bedliner that has been left in the truck bed for several days will begin to dry and fall off, allowing you to easily take it out if desired.

Truck bedliners protect your cargo better than almost any other truck coatings available. But even though they perform well, truck bedliner coatings can be expensive. Especially when purchased from a spray on bed liner provider, such as Penco, it can be costly. If you are looking for a low cost way to protect your cargo, though, a drop in liner may be just what you need.

There is nothing like a low-cost liner to give your pickup a little boost, but keep in mind that there is more to protecting your truck than just adding a spray-on bed liner. Truck bed liners are just one part of the overall strategy for truck bed protection, as other accessories should be considered along with them. But for minimal expense and trouble, a truck bed liner is a great way to protect your investment. Not only will it protect against stains and weathering, it will give your pickup a polished look as well.