The Basics of Purchasing Bed Liners for Pickup Trucks

Truck bed liner or just Bedliner is basically an extra layer added or applied to a truck bed. They are used mainly to protect the bed of your truck from abrasive damage and impact. There are two broad categories of bedliners: ‘drop-in’ and’spray-on’. Drop-in bedliners are fitted directly to your bed while spraying-on bedliners are fitted onto the bedliner then painted on, and finally sprayed off. Spraying on bedliners is the more preferred option as it is simple to remove and put in place if necessary.


In layman’s terms: bedliners protect a bed from dust and other debris. Spraying on bedliners or drop-ins protect a bed from damage that might occur in transit. The spray-on bedliner is more easy to install and remove, though they leave behind a polyurethane protective film that does need to be washed off periodically. Polyurethane bedliners and drop-ins are usually not recommended for use in colder climates as the plastic can become brittle and easily breaks.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a bedliner. The first is the price, which will vary greatly depending on the brand name, the quality of the bedliner and the size of the bedliner you are purchasing. A decent quality bed liner will last longer, but you may have to replace them more often. High-quality bedliner, on the other hand, will last the same length of time regardless of how many miles you drive. Also, if you purchase a product with a low gloss finish (refer to the gloss description for your particular brand) it will retain its high-quality look even years down the road. Another factor to consider is the color: a dark color like black, gray or dark blue will remain glossy and bright even as the years pass.

When choosing a bed liner for your pickup truck, there are a few things you must keep in mind. The first thing is to decide between an interior sprayer bed liner or an exterior sprayer bed liner. Exterior sprayer bed liners tend to provide a little more protection to your pickup truck bed; however, an interior sprayer bed liner is easier to wash and more convenient for your storage needs.

Finally, the price range of bedliner kits is staggering! Some bedliners start at $300, while others are priced in the thousands. The most expensive bedliners are custom made, but they also come with warranties that protect against manufacturer’s defect and will increase the value of your vehicle. In addition, a custom bedliner kit is likely to be the only liner that is installed on your vehicle, so it will be one of the most finished products that you will buy.

In summary, bedliners are a very important purchase, especially if you drive an open bedliner type vehicle that exposes your cargo to the elements. Purchasing a bedliner kit is probably a good idea if you have not done this before, and want a do it yourself project that will last a long time. Be sure to carefully read all the instructions and check the box instructions for proper prep preparation. Properly prep your vehicle will help it last longer and be less prone to rust and damage caused by weather.