Spray-On Versus Drop-In Bedliners

If you’ve decided to upgrade the appearance of your truck with a new bedliner, you have two options: one is spray-on, which is the most popular option among truck owners. Spray-on bedliners come in a variety of colors and formulations, and are made from a polyurea or polyurethane resin. These linings are easy to install and can be customized to match the color of your truck. However, a spray-on bedliner‘s color will fade over time, and UV radiation will damage the finish.


Spray-on bed liners are more convenient than drop-in bed liners. To clean a drop-in bed liner, you must remove it and scrub it down. A spray-on liner, on the other hand, can be simply hosed off and is more durable than a drop-in liner. The latter is ideal if you’re prone to spills, as a quality spray-on liner will not crack, bubble, or chip over time.

A spray-on bedliner comes in a liquid or gas-based spray. You can purchase these liners at auto-parts stores and other locations. You can spray-on bedliners in a single application or use a roller to apply the material over the bed. A brush-on bedliner must be sanded after installation. During the drying process, it will harden and form a tough finish.

There are two types of spray-on bedliners. The first is the liquid-based version, which comes in a can. You can find it at most truck accessory and auto-parts stores. The second option is the spray-on bedliner, which is applied using a special gun and roller. The process can be messy, but the end result is a tough, durable liner. The best part is that you can easily touch up scratches or dents.

The spray-in bedliner comes in a can or liquid form. You can purchase it at your local auto-parts store. The spray-on bedliner will adhere to the surface of the truck’s beds. This option is the most expensive, and it’s not recommended for pickup trucks. A spray-on bedliner will not last for years and can be easily scratched. A brush-on bedliner will protect your cargo for years.

Another option is a spray-on bedliner. This type of bedliner comes in liquid form and is applied with a spray gun. These products can be found at traditional auto-parts stores and specialty truck parts retailers. They are applied by hand or sprayed on to the truck’s beds. These coatings can be easily scratched and are easy to clean. So, if you’re worried about the cost of installing a bedliner, you can opt for a DIY solution.

The spray-on bedliner can be applied in a matter of hours by a professional. A spray-on bedliner is an excellent choice for protection of the truck bed. This product can be installed by a professional or by yourself. A spray-on bedliner is inexpensive and easy to install. It can also protect your truck’s paint from scratches, dents, and rust. You can purchase different kinds of liners, depending on your needs and your budget.