Spray on Bedliner Chemical

Before applying a bedliner, prepare the original bed surface. Scuffing the original surface helps the liner material bond better. The prep process is often carried out with a ScotchBrite scuffing pad, but Rhino installers are supposed to use a different process. Hand sand block prep is another alternative, though the quality of that preparation depends on the experience of the sanding team.

Spray-on bedliners are made of polyurea or a polyurethane/polymer hybrid. The application process is usually carried out with high-pressure equipment, which yields the highest product performance. LINE-X offers a Lifetime Warranty to cover your investment. This warranty protects your investment for years to come, and you don’t have to worry about the liner wearing out prematurely. In addition, you can even purchase a renewal service for the bedliner once it begins to fade.

Line-X is one of the nation’s largest bedliner services. Franchised Line-X bedliners are made by LINE-X, and are designed to take a beating. Their proprietary materials and techniques have a much higher tensile strength than other liners. And LINE-X’s Nationwide Limited Life Warranty means you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best value for your money. It also has a great warranty policy, too!

Before you buy a bedliner, consider the environment in which you drive. The type of weather conditions you live in will determine the best type of liner. You’ll also need to consider the cost of installation. A good bedliner is worth every penny, so you might as well invest in a high-quality one. The protection that a bedliner can provide for your truck’s paint is worth every penny. Not only will it protect your paint, but it will keep the elements from damaging the finish.

A high-quality bedliner is an important investment for any pickup truck owner. Today, bed protection is available for a reasonable price, and there are various types to choose from. Choose between a high-pressure or low-pressure batch mix system. Once you’ve decided which type of bedliner will best protect your vehicle, make sure to read the user’s manual and follow installation instructions carefully. If the liner doesn’t fit, replace it.

You may want to protect your bedliner from UV light. Some bedliner manufacturers have added UV inhibitors to the resin prior to spraying. UV light and air will make it fade over time. If you’d like to prevent this from happening, try cleaning your bedliner with a simple, water-based, non-aerosol cleaning product. It’s recommended that you clean your bedliner at least once a year or so with a UV-resistant product.

Getting a bedliner installed can be expensive. The average cost of a spray-on bedliner is $482. Adding a special spray gun and rollers may add an additional $50-$65 to your total cost. Installing a bedliner can save you money, but you’ll still need the help of a professional. Be sure to use a respirator mask and follow instructions carefully. If you have the time, opt for a bedliner.