Spray on Bedliner – A Modern Alternative to Traditional Coatings

The ultimate protection for a truck bed is one which will maintain the usefulness of that bed for as long as possible. Truck bed liners come in several types, from an air-powered spray on bedliner from a popular brand such asLINE-X or an easy DIY project from a can. It’s best to use a spray on bedliner which is specifically designed for truck use and is made from an approved material. Some spray on bedliners are not suited for use on trucks with integral locking rear wheels.

Any spray on bedliner should have a limited wax application to protect painted surfaces, because spray on bedliner has a limited effect on painted surfaces. Wax helps protect against rust build up and keeps paint from peeling, and provides a smooth, even appearance to painted surfaces. Unfortunately, the same spray on bedliner which protects against corrosion and rust build up also causes painted surfaces to lose their gloss and become unevenly pitted. When this happens, the look of an evenly finished truck bed gets lost, and the appearance of unsightly ripples or scratches start to appear.

A good spray on truck bedliner needs to protect both the cargo inside the truck bed as well as the painted surface above and below. Most manufacturers make their own version of spray on bedliner, and while it may work well for protecting cargo and protecting the painted finish, it does nothing for protecting the painted finish from rust and corrosion. If you have an odd colored cargo, it may be necessary to paint the sides of the cargo. If you do not, spray on bedliner will not look as good. Even if you do not have odd colored cargo, it is still important to protect the painted surfaces of your truck bed.

Spray on bedliners are a poor substitute for actual rust prevention because they do not stick to the surface like real rust does. Real rust is very thick, and can cover large areas of your truck bed very quickly. Because spray on bedliners do not have the same thickness as real rust, there is no way to visually identify how thick the area is until it actually stains. Spray on bedliners are only good when they are used to prevent rust build up on the bottom of the pickup. Otherwise, they are wasted and just a waste of money.

One of the most frustrating things about spray on bedliner is that it does not adhere correctly to metal surfaces. Although you can use another type of adhesive to mount spray on bedliners to your pickup frame, it often times will just fail to adhere properly and will often times peel off completely after just a few hours. This makes applying spray on bedliner an unreliable option for long term protection of your truck bed. If you spray on bedliner and it does not stay on the truck bed, or if it peels right off, you have wasted your time and money.

Other spray on bedliner products have been designed to work more effectively than the ones that failed to work. Newer coatings include materials that resist corrosion and will stand up to extreme temperatures. These coatings also penetrate deeply into the surface of the metal, holding it tightly and preventing it from moving and rubbing against other sharp objects. These coatings are much more effective at keeping your truck bed protected from rust, corrosion, and moisture damage. Newer spray on bedliner products are much more attractive than the previous spray on bedliner products because they have a modern look that looks like it was applied just like a paint finish.