Spray-On Bed Liner – A Great Way to Prevent Dents in Your Truck’s Cargo Area

Bedliner is an adhesive coating applied or located on a pickup bed. They are used to prevent damage and abrasion to the bed of your truck. There are two general types of bedliners: “drop-in” and “spray-on”. The difference between these two types is the type of adhesives, coatings and treatments used.

Drop-in bedliner coatings are applied with a pick or spray gun over the top and bottom surface of your truck bed. The coating is generally a thick, viscous and clear plastic film. It is applied and allowed to dry before being peeled off by gentle scraping. Once the film has dried and become weather-resistant, it is peeled off again and applied a second coat. This coating is usually an adhesive vinyl compound, providing excellent protection against abrasion and damage.

Spray-on bedliner coatings are applied with a brush or roller and are less expensive than drop-in bedliner. The bed liner is evenly sprayed over your truck bed, and is often left to dry overnight. The spray-on bedliner is cured by applying pressure to it using an air compressor and pressurized water. The cured bed liner then protects your cargo from abrasion, damage, and scratches. Spraying the bedliner on your truck bed can require a couple of days before it is ready to use.

Truck bed liners are also available in roll-up and slide-out versions. A roll-up bed liner goes over your truck bed rails and is rolled down each time you drive your truck. It rolls up and stores away under your truck bed cap when not in use or needed. This version is convenient for keeping cargo out of sight and protected from the elements. A slide-out bed liner makes it easy to access your cargo and provides convenient access to your cargo area. It does not have a storage area underneath.

Spray-on bed liners can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, fiberglass, rubber, and epoxy. The most durable and resistant material is rubber, which is what manufacturers use in most spray-on bed coating products. They have a very long life and are easy to use and maintain. There is a wide price range for these liners, depending on what type of coating is used and the application process. The price of spray-on bedcoating varies from one brand to another.

Not all trucks have dents. Some have dents from road debris kicked up during travel. Other dents may occur due to accidents or normal wear and tear. It may be necessary to apply bedliner to prevent damage to your truck bed and cargo areas. Bedliners prevent this by providing a hard surface that stops dents from occurring.