truck bedliner

Spray in Bedliner Vs Spray in Bedliner

A truck bedliner is a great way to protect the truck bed and cargo. They prevent rust and damage and are also a nice addition to any truck. Whether you’re traveling across country or commuting to work, a bedliner is an excellent investment. These protective covers can be purchased for under $100 and will last for years. If you plan to take your truck off-road, you may want to invest in a tougher model with better protection features.

truck bedliner

There are two basic types of bedliners – one piece and two piece. Both have their pros and cons. Spray-on liners are easiest to install, but don’t last as long as drop-in options. The spray-in type has a tough textured surface and makes working in the truck bed difficult. A two-piece liner costs as little as $425, while a three-piece one will cost up to $700.

A spray-on bed liner requires a touch-up coating every year. This protects the truck’s bed from sun fade and gouging, which can happen when the cargo shifts in the bed. Adding three touch-ups over 10 years can quickly add up to a significant cost. For this reason, you should choose a liners with a long lifespan. If you’re carrying caustic chemicals or solvents in your truck, a sprayed-on liner may be your best choice.

While some brands offer spray-on bedliners, others are hybrids with polyurethane. Depending on your preference, you can choose the best option for your needs. Most of the “brand” bedliners are made from polyurethanes and aliphatic ethers. These materials are easier to apply and remove, but they do have a tendency to fade over time due to UV rays. For this reason, you should choose a brand with a long-term warranty.

A spray-on bedliner is basically a painted truck bed. Usually made from foam or rubber, it is applied to the back of the truck and is a perfect fit for the specific make and model. Its textured surface protects the truck’s bed and keeps cargo in place. LINE-X is a great choice for protecting the bottom of a truck’s trunk. It is an excellent choice for both safety and aesthetics.

While you can buy a truck bedliner on its own, the main reason to get one is to protect the paint on your pickup’s bed from rust and weather. However, this method does not cover the entire vehicle and is only effective for people who don’t have to load heavy items often. The spray-on bedliner will protect the bed from rust and weather-related damage and will increase the life of your pickup.

Another great option is a drop-in bedliner. Unlike a molded or glued-in liner, a drop-in bedliner will fit your truck bed snugly. This is essential, since the liner won’t fit properly if it doesn’t fit perfectly. If it doesn’t fit, you may risk dents, dings, and rust on your cargo.