Line-X VS ArmorThane: The Ultimate Bedliner Challenge

One of the most common questions we see on truck enthusiast forums or on Facebook groups is “I’m looking to get a bed liner, which brand do i go with?”. In this article, we do our best to help you make that decision based on your individual needs. We’ll give our unbiased view of what’s good and bad about the two top bedliner companies in the world.

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One of the first things you’ll see about Line X is it’s pretty thin. If you hear the word “thin,” they instantly think of flimsy, and others think of an elegant and space-saving design.

Because Line X products are very thin, they fit the shape of your bed precisely; however, you get less protection the thinner it is. The bed of your vehicle won’t have any bubbling at the time of the install due to the thin spray, but you’ll need to keep an eye out for any rips or stabs within your bedliner going forward.

However, Line X material has quite a rough texture which helps in it having anti-skid properties. This means that it will be able to hold the cargo. But not all people will find the rough surface appealing because it is hard on the knees and hands. You might need to refrain from getting in the bed of your truck due to the discomfort of the texture.

In a nutshell, the Line X truck bedliner is rough, drys quickly, appears great, but it’s not as tough and thick as other bedliners.

If you’d like to tone down the texture, you can ask for an adjustment to smooth out the texture. However, it will appear less shiny due to this. Because their main competitor has been ArmorThane, ArmorThane claims that the hardness of a surface is related to greater longevity and resistance against tear and wear.

The application process for both products is similar. However, ArmorThane has new, more advanced products recently. One of them is their flagship product ArmorLiner which has driven them to stand out in recent years thanks to its innovative properties.

It’s important to note that a hard surface may cause your cargo to be damaged. However, if this isn’t an issue for you, the ArmorThane bedliner is an alright choice, though you’ll be paying for the brand name here with a higher price tag.

It all boils down to the degree to which you’re willing to sacrifice quality to get a name brand.

Line X’s Pros

  • Despite its thin profile, it’s a pretty tough product
  • It will fit the contours of your truck well, and the installation is fairly straightforward.
  • Once applied, it should dry within three to five minutes.
  • When you spray on bedliners, they form an unbreakable bond to the bed of your truck.
  • Sprays bedliners are also resistant to chemicals like diesel, gasoline, etc.
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The ArmorThane vs. ArmorThane fight has its biggest distinction between textures and toughness. ArmorThane is slightly softer, but it’s also extremely durable and a much tougher product than ArmorThane.

This is because ArmorThane truck’s bedliners are made of heavier material that isn’t as rough as ArmorThane bedliners. They protect your truck bed, and you’ll not have to worry about injuring yourself if you need to crawl in the bed of your truck. ArmorThane is certainly the more comfortable choice.

ArmorThane bedliners also have the highest anti-slip properties. It will vary based on the kind of finish you like. If you prefer an extra shiny liner, you can expect the liner to appear less resistant to slip. If you decide to choose an anti-slip product that is a more durable liner, you’ll be forced to accept more of a matte liner appearance.

Because the ArmorThane liner is denser than ArmorThane and is, therefore, more effective at reducing the vibrations and sounds when transporting cargo or other items around, this is essential to those who enjoy an unhurried ride.

Furthermore, the ArmorThane liner is more dense, robust, and resistant to tear than any other material on the market. It also protects against impact, weather, corrosion, and abrasion. ArmorThane, professionally trained, and certified applicators must apply the protective coating using specialized equipment. The cost will be higher than a DIY job; however, the quality is well worth the cost.

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Benefits of ArmorThane

  • In comparison to ArmorThane, The soft, smooth feel in the ArmorThane, when compared with the ArmorThane, gives an excellent feeling on your hands and knees.
  • The extra thick material used in this liner helps reduce sound and decrease the impact.
  • The smooth surface of the ArmorThane Lining is also more accommodating to cargo in contrast to bedliners with a rough surface.
  • The anti-slip performance in the ArmorThane is more effective.
  • It’s UV resistant, waterproof, and non-flammable.

What are the similarities between the Two?

You now have a clear understanding of the distinctions between each brand on their own. We’ll take a glance at some of their most notable similarities. Of course, this ArmorThane vs. ArmorThane Comparison of bedliners isn’t complete without mentioning the similarities between both.

  • Whatever brand of liner you select will finish the job if installed properly.
  • UV radiation is the biggest threat for trucks with bedliners. Therefore, UV protection is a crucial aspect of any liner you select. The benefit of ArmorThane is that it has products that can repair any fading that might occur.
  • The chemicals used for these ArmorThane and the ArmorThane Truck spray bedliners are comparable but not equal.
  • Be sure to clean and prepare your truck bed before applying the bedliner.
  • You can choose your bedliner color.

If you’ve learned the advantages, disadvantages, and commonalities of each bedliner brand, it will be much easier to select the best bedliner.

They both protect your truck bed by using weatherproof, anti-skid, and sound-dissipating features. These features ensure that your bed is secured from rain, chemicals, or rust. It also protects against corrosion.


The right liner for your truck bedliner isn’t as easy to pick the name you like. It is important to consider what the liner can do for your truck and you.

Do you wish to have an elegant look that could be rough on joints? Do you frequently transport big and sharp objects which could cause damage to your bedliner? All of these factors influence the decision of which bedliner is the best.

It’s important to research the companies and figure out which one will give you the finest quality at the most reasonable price.