ArmorThane Spray-On Bedliner

A Drop In liner, when added to the truck Bed Liner is an outer protective layer applied or installed onto a truck bed to protect a truck’s bed from abrasion and impact. They are used to prevent dents from forming from impacts as well as protect the bed from moisture damage. The spray on bedliner process uses an adhesive to attach the protector to the bed lining. There are several methods for applying the spray on bedliner and the way that it is applied will depend on the type of protection desired. This can range from a light coat of material to an extensive coat of material.

Spray on truck bedliner materials are made to resist abrasion and impact. Some of the materials are made from materials that have been treated with water repellents to make them more durable and long lasting. Some of these materials are very expensive and can be found only on top quality trucks. Drop in truck bedliners can also be purchased at low cost from automotive supply stores or from online locations.

These spray on bedliners can be a bit tricky to apply. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s directions when applying the spray-on bedliner to ensure that it is properly set and applied. Failure to follow the directions can result in an ineffective application, an uneven coating on the truck bed and even rust forming under the spray-on bedliner. There are several different types of spray-on truck bedliner and they are:

Originally developed as a solution for pickup truck owners who needed an easy way to maintain their pickup’s bed, today’s drop in bedliner has evolved into an excellent bedliner. Pickup truck owners who find it difficult to clean their beds or who have stains that are just too stubborn to remove with paint or soap will appreciate the ease with which a spray in bedliner can be applied. Spray in bedliners do not contain any hazardous or chemical ingredients that may be harmful to the environment or to people. Furthermore, spray in bedliners can be easily removed with soap or even water, thereby reducing the hassle and expense of washing the truck bed each time a stain is spotted.

Truck bed liners can also add a truck with a low profile look. Without a spray on bedliner, a pickup bed can appear bulky and heavy. Not only does this not add visual appeal, but it can also increase the fuel consumption of the truck. The spray on bedliner, on the other hand, makes a pickup’s bed look sleek and sophisticated.

While these benefits have made the ArmorThane spray on bedliner the most popular bedliner material on the market, there are still many truck owners who prefer a more natural appearance for their trucks. In this case, a spray on bed liner inlay can provide an excellent substitute. You should take care, though. Because the spray on bedliner is not custom-designed to your exact make and model of truck, it cannot be as easy to install. If you are not an experienced do-it-yourselfer, it might be best to hire a professional bedliner installer. For more information on whether a professional bed liner installation is right for you, contact the truck bedliner company of your choice (we suggest ArmorThane).