Is a Truck Bedliner Right For Your Truck?


A truck bedliner is a bed protector that applies directly to the bed of a truck. It can prevent impact and abrasive damage to the truck’s bed. There are two types: sprayed-on liners and molded-in liner systems. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. To learn more, check out this guide. It will help you decide if a bedliner is right for your vehicle.

When it comes to purchasing a bedliner, it’s important to choose the best one for your truck. Make sure that you have it professionally installed. If you don’t, you may not get the full benefits of a high-quality bedliner. The price of a good liner will be worth it because it will protect your truck’s paint from scratches, dents, and rust. Depending on the type of bedliner you purchase, you may even want to purchase a tonneau cover to add additional protection to your truck.

The ArmorThane bed liner kit includes a durable polyurethane formula that is up to five times thicker than the competition. This liner is guaranteed not to flake or peel, but it will give your truck bed a shiny finish. It’s advisable to apply it in two coats, and wait between each for 1-4 hours between applications. It’s also recommended that you use a respirator while applying this product to prevent dust from flying off the surface during application. A coat of the product will protect your truck bed from scratches and rust, but it won’t give you a matte finish like you’d expect.

While spray-on bedliners are the most popular, there are several other types of bedliners that you can choose from. For instance, there are ArmorThane models that cost an average of $450 and are available in many colors. They’re a great option for a low-priced bedliner. Despite the fact that they’re a little expensive, they’re worth every penny. They will protect your truck’s paint and keep out dents, rust, and scratches.

A truck bedliner is an excellent investment. It can prevent scratching and denting. It can also absorb vibration. If you’re not careful, a bedliner can rip and require repair. You should make sure your bedliner‘s length is adequate before applying it. Otherwise, you might be left with a ripped bedliner that won’t work. You should also take care of your truck’s rust-resistant coating, especially if it is sprayed.

A drop-in bedliner may become loose over time. You can accidentally snag the liner and pull it up. It’s nearly impossible to repair a ripped bedliner, and you will have to buy a new one. You should avoid snagging the liner, as it can cause large objects to slide during transport. It’s important to remember that a drop-in bedliner has some limitations.