How to Choose the Right Type of Truck Bedliner

A bedliner protects the truck’s bed from impact and abraded damage. There are two types: spray-on and in-bed, and these are the most common types of truck bedliner. These products can be installed on the truck’s floor or installed on the truck’s frame. Depending on your needs, you can choose between spray-on and in-bed bedliners. Below are some tips to help you choose the right type for your vehicle.


ArmorThane is the only company that uses high-pressure spray systems. This process yields the best product performance and is protected by a Lifetime Warranty. ArmorThane high-pressure spray systems are also used to apply their bedliner, giving them superior protection and quality. You’ll be happy you did! When selecting the right bedliner, make sure to check the warranty details. Some products come with a limited warranty.

You should choose a polyurethane bedliner that has a durable finish and is removable. Its thickness will be determined by your needs, but it’s recommended to choose one that’s one-quarter to one-inch thick. Then, you need to decide if you’d prefer a drop-in bedliner or a permanent bedliner. Although these products are both cheap, they are not universal and may not fit your truck.

Despite the cost, the benefits of bedliners outweigh the downsides. In addition to protecting your truck’s bed from scratches and dents, they also protect the truck’s floor and tailgate from rust and corrosion. If you have a vehicle with a spray-in bedliner, it’s best to hire a professional to do the job. This will ensure the ultimate durability of the product and ensure it will last for many years.

One of the best things about a drop-in bedliner is that it’s cheaper than a plastic drop-in liner. It is also easy to install and won’t tear. Both of these products are durable and protect against impacts. But you should always check the size and weight of your truck bedliner to determine the right one for your needs. It will help you avoid any unforeseen damage to the cargo inside your truck.

A drop-in bedliner is a cheap and simple way to protect your truck’s bed from scratches. These liners are made of a rigid polyethylene composite material that can be drilled into the truck bed. Because of its rigidity, they are often difficult to remove. The best option is a spray-in. A spray-on liner should be a permanent solution for your truck’s dings and scrapes.

Spray-in bedliner is cheaper and more durable than a drop-in bed cover. It’s easier to install and lasts longer than a roll-on liner and isn’t subject to drying before application. But they’re not as durable as spray-in bedliners. If you plan on transporting heavy items, you need to buy a spray-on liner. Then, secure the heavy items in the truck’s trunk with straps.