How to Apply a Truck Bedliner

truck bedliner

If you want to protect the bed of your truck from impact and abbrasive damage, you may want to consider getting a truck bedliner. These bed protectors come in two broad types: drop-in bedliners, which require little preparation and can be removed for cleaning. Spray-in bedliners require specific preparation and depend on adhesion. If you are unsure of which type of bedliner you want, consider a primer.

A few spray-on truck bed liner kits are available for DIYers and professionals alike. Rust-Oleum bed liner comes in quarts and gallons, making it easy to apply. Its water-based, chip-resistant formula is waterproof and provides a glossy finish. Rust-Oleum is also made in New Jersey, making it affordable and easy to apply. A quality truck bedliner will make your truck look brand new for years.

Roll-on bed liners require mixing of two parts of paint before application. They dry quickly, but they can take a couple of days to completely dry. When applying, start at the front of the bed and work your way to the rear. This will prevent you from accidentally stepping into the freshly lined bed or jumping off the side. The application process should take between one and four hours. When you are finished, you can paint the truck bedliner using a roller or brush to make it even smoother.

If you have a truck bed with a hard bottom, a bedliner will protect the underlying surface. It will prevent scratching, denting, and scrapes, while absorbing vibration. It will also protect painted metal from rusting. Another type of bedliner is a spray-on liner, which requires a professional to apply it. In addition, the polyurethane used in this type of bedliner is permanent, so you won’t have to worry about it wearing off in time.

The most popular spray-on bedliner is LINE-X. Unlike other spray-on bedliners, this liner requires little to no prep time, and it provides better protection and durability than its competition. You can also customize the color and texture of the bedliner to fit your personal style and needs. If you are a truck enthusiast, look no further than the LINE-X spray-on bedliner. The company is a leader in truck bedliner and has several great products to choose from.

In addition to protecting the bed, bedliners also protect the bed from scratches and dents. Even if you don’t have a hard surface, heavy items can cause scratches on the paint. Additionally, cargo straps vibrate and lean inside the truck bed, causing scratches. Because of these hazards, many people extend their bedliners over the edge of the bed. However, you should avoid extending the bedliner over the edge of the bed because it can get damaged by dropping something in the bed.

Rust-Oleum is another option for spray-on bedliners. This durable coating prevents rust and scratches and is available in many colors. Rust-Oleum truck bed coatings come in 32 ounce cans. For your convenience, you can also apply Rust-Oleum truck bed coating with a spray gun. When applied properly, the coating can last for years. And it will protect your truck from the elements.