Four Types of Truck Bed Liner Coating

One of the most important things people use to determine the purchase of any product is the price. When working on a budget, a cheap drop-in bedliner will be your best overall choice in the long term. The bedliner tends to come on as a vinyl sheet made from a woven polyethylene plastic. You can either buy the bedliner separately or buy it as part of a larger set.

Spray Bedliners Another consideration for many when choosing a new truck bedliner is what type of coating to purchase. Spray bedliners, also known as bedliner paints or coatings, are generally applied by a machine or manually. The bedliner industry is dominated by two manufacturers; Grooves and Rinse Away. Each of these manufacturers offers a sprayer that works very well for the task. These companies all produce similar products, but with slightly different spray times and other coatings.

Spray bedliners are an excellent choice for pickup trucks, SUV’s and other large trucks because of their extreme durability. Although their longevity is increased by the various coats of paint they receive, they are still easy to remove if the need arises. Another plus is that their protective qualities are far superior to that of any other coating. They can resist rusting, crack building up and are easily removed by a competent vehicle technician. If you decide to paint over a spray coating, the overall effect will be far superior than other vehicle surface paints.

Nitrile Coatings Another common bed liner for trucks is a rubber powder coating. These types of coatings offer the advantages of extreme abrasion resistance, great adhesive adhesion and great rust resistance. Nitrile is also an excellent finish for protecting your truck bed from water and other spills that occur while it is in use. Unfortunately, this type of coating does require frequent re-waxing or refinishing if it becomes cracked or worn due to normal tire tread and road salt.

Fiberglass Coatings The most durable coating on a truck bed is fiberglass. These types of coatings are not always the best choice for every application. They offer good protection against abrasions, but are heavy and bulky compared to some other coatings. If you have to frequently transport your truck bed, fiberglass may not be the best option because of its limitations in size. These coatings should be applied only after proper drying.

If your truck is painted instead of a fiberglass bed liner, you can choose between gloss and matte spray paints. Either one will give you a similar look and great protection from the elements. A bedliner is a great way to protect your investment, but don’t skimp on quality. Pay the extra money for a high-quality spray on bed liner and you’ll be happy with the protection and value for years to come.