Four Truck Bed Liner Products to Consider for Your Truck

Truck bedliner or just Bedliner is an protective coating applied or installed onto a pickup truck bed. They are used to prevent damage to the bed of your truck from abrasion and impact. There are two basic types of bedliners: “drop-in” and “spray-on/insert.” Drop-in bedliners are fitted right over your existing bed liner. When the bed liner is damaged, it’s easy to replace just the drop-in bedliner without modifying your other truck parts.


Spray-on bedliner are applied by spraying the coating onto the bed. A roller or brush is used to spread the coating thickness over the truck bed. After the bedliner has dried, a new bed liner can be fitted right over the existing one. Spray-on bedliners are usually made from stronger materials than drop-in bedliners.

Polyurea tarpaulins are a lightweight yet durable coating that wraps around your pickup truck bed. Polyureas provide an excellent level of protection against abrasion and impact but they don’t look like a bedliner at all. Polyurea can be transparent, opaque or have a printed pattern. These tarpaulins also resist flaking, which makes them a popular choice for sports trucks, mobile homes and mobile equipment.

Micro-ArmorThane is a ArmorThane product that consists of small dots of anodized aluminum that are painted onto cover plates. This coating has the same benefits of traditional spray-on coatings but with less work and less mess. The dots are smooth to touch, making it easy to work on your pickup trucks. The coating can also prevent scratches to your vehicle’s surface.

Bare Metal is a spray-and-finish paint that you can use on your vehicle’s pickup bed as a bedliner, or any other time you want a custom look. Although this paint does have dyes and can be translucent, its main focus is that it provides a strong barrier against abrasion, heat and moisture. Bare Metal resists scratches and is easy to clean. The spray-and-finish comes in multiple colors and finishes including: blue, silver, black, gold, bronze, red, and clear.

Flex Coat is a high-quality polyurethane spray coating that provides the highest level of UV protection available. Although it is one of the higher-priced coatings available, it is also one of the strongest and most durable. The product provides an extensive ultraviolet protection, is water and weather-resistant and dries quickly. Flex Coat comes in a variety of thicknesses to meet your specific application needs. It is available in an assortment of finish colors: flat paint, gold, black, silver, blue and clear.