Drop in Bedliner, Spray On Bed Liners, and Metal Liners

Truck bedliner or just Bedliner is an protective coating applied or installed on a truck bed. They are used primarily to protect the bed from abrasion and impact. There are two broad categories of bedliners available: “drop-in” and “spray-on.” Drop-in bedliners are fitted right onto the bed; they are removed and replaced whenever the truck is washed or waxed. Spray-on bedliners are applied to the bed as an add-on after the paint is cured on the truck.


Drop-in bedliners, also known as hard plastic liners, are used on small trucks and SUVs with a low profile because they do not increase the profile of the vehicle. Since they are a hard plastic, they provide excellent protection against impact and abrasion. They are available in many different thicknesses and color choices. In addition, they do not soak up moisture during the washing process, which keeps them clean and dry after use.

Spray-ons have many advantages over drop-in bedliners. First, they do not restrict the flow of water when the vehicle is washed. They do require some additional cleaning after the fact, but no more than is required for a drop-in liner. These accessories also do not have to be pre-ordered and installed by a professional, which many people feel is a pro. There are a variety of different spray-on bedliner products on the market, and most of them have received good reviews by consumers.

One of the disadvantages of these accessories is that they tend to turn the normal color of the bed-cloth or dust cover orange. In order to resolve this problem, many bedliner manufacturers have developed paints specifically for this purpose. This paint has been shown to help prevent color-flashing. In addition, it can even add tint to the trucks overall appearance.

The third type of bedliner is metal liners. These accessories protect the metal underneath the truck bed from rust and corrosion. Metal liners come in two basic varieties: plastic liners and fiberglass. Both plastic and fiberglass liners can effectively protect against rust, but plastic liners have been found to be more effective at preventing stains from forming under the bed floor as compared to fiberglass.

There is a big difference between these three coatings. Liners such as bed liner paints require a professional installation, whereas spray-on coatings are easily installable by most truckers. Finally, liners such as these may be mixed to match specific color schemes, although custom colors are generally off the list for most truckers.