Choosing the Right Bedliner for Your Truck

A bedliner is a protective layer that encases the bed of a truck or SUV. The liner can add both aesthetics and extra protection to the truck or SUV. These bedliners are best for off-road vehicles and rugged use, as they are durable and UV resistant. Whether you’re buying a new truck or using your old one, a custom-fitted bedliner is a great investment.


Spray-on bedliners are a popular option because of their durability and appearance. The bedliner material varies in color and texture, and can range anywhere from 1/16-inch to four-inches thick. A thinner coating is more vulnerable to chipping and cracking, while a thicker one alters the shape of the truck bed. ArmorThane sets the ideal thickness for a spray-on liner to be one-quarter to one-eighth inch.

Spray-on bedliners are applied in multiple layers to prevent the truck bed from slipping. The process doesn’t take long, but some companies recommend a two-day waiting period before using heavy-duty spray-on bedliners. The best way to ensure the liner’s longevity is to buy one that is thicker than the original bedliner. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right bedliner for your truck, but it is important to know what your vehicle is made of.

The thickness of a bedliner coating is generally between six millimeters. Typically, it’s 125-250 mils thick. Despite the fact that it’s less expensive than the spray-on version, it’s critical that the liner’s thickness is within the manufacturer’s recommended range. Any less than this will expose the truck’s bed to corrosion and result in premature failure of the liner coating. Therefore, it’s best to measure the thickness of the bedliner so that you can make sure the liner’s coating is the proper thickness. This will save you both time and money in the long run.

In the end, there are two types of bedliners. Some are removable and easy to install. Some of them are spray-ins and some are drop-ins. Both are durable and have different benefits. They can protect the truck’s bed from abrrasive damage caused by rocks and other objects. A drop-in liner is removable and can be removed for cleaning, but the installation process is more complicated. A high-quality bedliner will last longer than a drop-in liner.

Drop-in bedliners allow you to slide the cargo across the bed with ease. This style of bedliner is convenient because it allows you to use your tailgate as you normally do. Moreover, it will prevent your cargo from getting tangled up with other objects in the truck’s bed. You can use a bedliner to protect your cargo and your truck’s paint. If you’re concerned about the cost, a drop-in liner costs anywhere from $500 to three thousand dollars.