Bedliner Spray Coatings

bedliner spray system

When you want to protect your bed from stains and abrasions, a bedliner spray system is the way to go. It will protect the bed from damage and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. It also comes with all the features you need to protect your investment. So, what is a bedliner spray system? What is the difference between a high-pressure and a low-pressure bedliner?

The spray in bedliner is more durable and adds tough protection. It’s made of a durable polyurea coating that provides long-lasting protection and a striking appearance. Whether your bed is worn, uneven, or dingy, a bedliner spray system will give it a whole new look. You’ll be glad you did. A spray-in bedliner is much easier to apply than a drop-in one.

If you own a truck, you can spray polyurea bed liners at the customer’s location. The benefits of spraying polyurea inside a shop include a controlled environment, the use of protective PPE, and the convenience of not having to travel. But if the customer lives two hours away, it might be impossible to drive to their house for the spraying. The industry-leading equipment comes with free training.

If you are just starting out, or are planning on lining truck beds as a profession, a next-generation Reactor E-20 is a great option for you. It features complete control over foam insulation and a longer lifespan of the equipment. The Next-generation Next-Level Electric System has less air consumption and power requirements, and includes data features. It is an excellent entry-level machine for a beginner to bedliner spraying.

The FANUC Robotics America, Inc. company, has been manufacturing plural component spray machinery and bedliner spray guns for over 20 years. Designed for spraying truck bedliners, the system has also been proven successful for other small to medium-sized businesses. The company continues to innovate and create more user-friendly systems while maintaining a high standard of quality. Its equipment is built using high-strength steel and solid aircraft aluminum.

Plastic drop-in liners ride inside the truck bed, protecting it from scratches and light damage. While they are cheap and easy to install, these are not the best option for long-term protection. Plastic drop-in liners can trap debris underneath, scraping paint off the truck bed and exposing bare metal underneath, a breeding ground for rust. Plastic drop-in liners are the least expensive, but they offer limited utility and sacrifice aesthetic appeal. If you intend to use the truck bed sparingly and want to remove the liner every so often, a plastic drop-in liner is a better option for you.