Bedliner Spray Coatings

bedliner spray system

For truck owners, a bedliner spray system can be a huge asset. These systems include a high-pressure hose, industrial Boss 6/12K dispensing proportioner, and a handgun. This combination of components allows truck owners to apply the most popular types of bedliners, including Bullet Liners, LineEX, Turbo Liners, and Rhino Linings. And because these systems are automated, the process is much faster than manual application.

The spray-in bedliner method provides the most durability for your truck’s bed. Its high-quality polyurea coating provides maximum protection and a striking appearance. It also conforms to any shape or thickness, and has a trigger-pull mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the air pressure. Unlike drop-in bedliners, spray-on systems are more durable and easier to apply than drop-in liners.

Factory bedliners are often sprayed on extremely thin and without sanding, resulting in a low-quality finish. Nevertheless, truck dealers, body shops, and distributors can deliver long-lasting products. If you have the time, you can also outsource the process. However, you must be sure that your truck’s bedliner spray system is set up correctly. Ensure that your spray booth is close to an air source and has a single-phase exhaust system.

Another option is to purchase a DIY bedliner spray gun. This system is highly functional, but is not meant for rough environments. Cholke recommends using a plywood or cardboard sheet to protect the bedliner while applying it. In addition, DIY bedliners can be easily replaced if they become damaged or need to be repaired. It’s a cost-effective solution. But it’s essential that you have a bedliner spray gun, as it will prevent scratches, dents, and other damage from occurring.

Before choosing a bedliner spray gun, it’s worth checking out the shop’s atmosphere. Ask to see the process for applying your bedliner. If possible, check out how the employees work. Do they treat you well and are safe? Ask to see their customer service. Then decide whether the shop is right for you. When in doubt, look for a shop that offers a guarantee and offers free estimates.

Graco offers a full line of sprayers for applying wear-resistant coatings to commercial vehicles. From bedliners to slip-resistant areas, these sprayers are ideal for professional bedliner installers. The company guarantees professional results even for large volumes, and its systems have zero franchise fees. If you’re looking for a reliable bedliner sprayer, Graco offers high-performance equipment. If you’re looking for a professional finish and want your customer to be satisfied, Graco offers a selection of sprayers that fit your needs.