All About Bedliners


All About Bedliners

Drop in bedliner is an inexpensive liner applied or installed in a truck bed. They are utilized primarily to shield the bed of a truck from impact damage and abrasion. There are two basic categories of bedliners: “drop-in” and “spray-on”.

“Drop in” bedliner is an inexpensive liner generally applied to an existing bed. It is generally sold as a two part epoxy resin system, with an extra spray top coating to raise the appearance of the bed. The product comes with installation instructions. It is important to apply this product correctly to ensure a solid, level application that will adhere to the truck bed surface. It is also advisable to carefully read all manufacturer documentation for the correct application techniques.

” Springer”-top bedliner is an extremely high-tech spray on liner typically used to protect cargo in enclosed trucks and trailers. This spray is applied to the bedliner of a pickup truck or recreational vehicle, and cures overnight. The bedliner will be cured to a smooth, glossy finish, which provides unlimited protection against impact and abrasion. This coating thickness ranges from one to three inches, and is applied over a polyurethane coat.

“Inline-canopy” bed liner systems are very popular due to their ability to provide maximum protection and dependability. These systems employ a very thick, clear spray coating over steel coils. Once the coating has cured completely, it can be manually removed and reused many times, protecting the pickup truck or trailer from inclement weather conditions. An additional advantage to this bed liner type is that the spray can be adjusted to give a very even, professional looking finish. It also prevents rust from occurring because the clear coat will block out any sun and heat penetration.

There are many other bed liners that can protect your truck or trailer from damage caused by rust or environmental exposure. Each application may require a different spray pattern and may be sprayed onto a different part of the bed. Some liners are water-based while others use an air-prevention spray. Liners are also available in a liquid form which, when applied, can protect against rust and corrosion for a very long time.

There are many other ways to protect your vehicle’s interior from inclement weather, but bedliners remain the most economical, easy, and effective method. Bedliners do require a fair amount of manual labor. The spray and paint must be reapplied throughout the life cycle of the coatings, or the protection will be compromised. The protective coatings are made to last for many years if properly maintained.